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Great sales representatives are neither born nor created by a company, a school or an individual. They become great sales representatives and develop their skills only when they find themselves in the right environment.

To provide our sales representatives with an environment that will help them develop their skills as sales and business people, so they can reach their full potential.

Chris Jackson: A little about myself...

Chris is an award winning sales representative with a background in the Canadian Forces. With that, he has had more than his share of moves. Meaning, he knows the ins and outs every step of the way during the buying and selling process. Chris has also added investment properties to his portfolio. He has extensive knowledge in all-things real estate and is devoted to providing outstanding customer service to his clients. Chris is a strong believer in giving back to the community in which he lives and works. A portion of each commission he earns is donated to the Children's Miracle Network. Furthermore, a portion of his commission for every military relocation gets donated to the Kingston Military Family Recourse Centre or Vets Canada. He is also an active member in the community by volunteering his services with several local committees and organizations in his spare time.

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